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Sonny With A Chance and Austin & Ally parallels


I’ve been meaning to do this for a long time, given the fact that the producers of SWAC are the same as A&A, and that I, on former posts, have stated my love for both shows, I can’t help but to notice some similarities with certain episodes.

And here they are (these are in no particular order), I hope you enjoy it:

Cheater Girls - Parents & Punishments


The main character gets bad grades at school, he/she is punished by not being allowed to make television/music.

Poll’d Apart - Bloggers & Butterflies


A hater blogger gets the main character in trouble.

Sonny With a Chance of Dating - Campers & Complications


Sonny/Ally goes on a date with a guy, Chad/Austin gets jealous, then she realizes the guy is not right for her. At the end, she has an almost kiss with Chad/Austin. 

Guess Who’s Coming to Guest Star - Girlfriends & Girl Friends


Girl realizes she’s in love with the boy, tries to deny it in front of him.

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Austin: *To Ally* Maybe we should move on and see other people
Ally: *Moves on*
Austin: No wait shit fuck

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